MOT Status Check

It is now possible to carry out a free on-line MOT check on your vehicle. It is also possible to search on other vehicles such as a used car you are looking to buy.

Our free service checks data held by the DVLA, an executive agency of the Department of Transport, under the Open Government License.

The service allows you to find out:

  • When the current MOT certificate expires.
  • When the road tax is due

To carry out an MOT check you will need the following information to hand:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Make of the vehicle

Begin your MOT Status Check

When you are ready, click the start button below to begin your free MOT expiry check.

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MOT History Check

It is also now possible to run a free on-line check on the MOT history of a vehicle. Only previous tests going back to 2005 are available as that was when the MOT system was computerised.

Using this service enables you to check:

  • Dates of previous tests.
  • Mileage recorded at the time of testing.
  • Which items failed the MOT test.

You can then verify the information provided by the service against any paper certificates you hold to verify they are genuine.

To carry out a MOT history check on-line you will need the following information to hand:

  • Vehicle registration number (as found on the V5C registration document).
  • Make of the vehicle

Begin your MOT History Check

When you have this information to hand, click the Start button below to begin your free MOT history check.

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