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App Version 1.8 Released

We have just released version 1.8 of our iOS app “When Is My MOT Due” for Apple iPhone & iPad.


The update contains the following features and fixes:

– Updated MOT History screen. Now just tap the button to retrieve your vehicle’s MOT history.

– Added Vehicle Notes screen, where you can save important information.

– Added Notes fields to Insurance, Breakdown & Tracker screens.

– Added Service History and Fuel Costs upgrades (available through in-app purchase).

– Fixed bug which stopped a vehicle nickname being added.

– Removed 2 year limit on breakdown dates.

– Other minor bug fixes and interface changes.

Service HistoryPremium Features

We’ve also added a Premium upgrade option (available as an in-app purchase). At the moment it adds two features (Service History and Fuel Costs). We plan to add more features as time goes on. It also enables you to store unlimited vehicles in the app.

The Service History screen enables you to enter your vehicle’s history into the app, attach receipts and set your own service reminders.  It’s a really good way to keep track of all your service documentation.  You can also export your service history as a CSV or PDF file.  The PDF report includes any service documents you’ve added to the app.

On the Fuel Costs screen you can add your fill-ups and track your fuel costs over time. You can also store fuel receipts in the app for easy access. Several statistics are available including MPG, Fuel Price, Cost Per Mile. Finally you can export your fuel history as CSV or PDF as you need.

Fuel CostsThe new app version should appear in your updates list in the App Store app. If you’ve not yet tried our free app, download it using the button in the sidebar.

Let us know if you have any features you’d like us to add in a future release.



iPhone App Released

We’re proud to announce the release of the “When Is My MOT Due?” App for iPhone and iPad.

It’s free and available for download now on the App screenshot 1

We developed the App to help our website visitors keep track of their vehicle’s important dates.

It’ll find your MOT & Tax expiry dates at the touch of a button and you can store your vehicles for future reference.

To make sure you don’t miss any important dates, we’ll send you push notifications at 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before expiry. You can also add your insurance renewal date, and we’ll remind you about that too.

Once you’ve renewed your Tax or MOT, it’s easy to update the app. Just hit Refresh Dates and the app will get your new dates from the DVLA.

You can add a photo of your car and turn reminders off and on as needed. We’ll be adding features regularly to keep it up to date. Let us know about any features you’d like to see using the Feedback link in the menu.

We hope you find our free App useful and we encourage you to download it now by clicking on the link below. Thank you!

Download our App


MOT Status Check

It is now possible to carry out a free on-line MOT check on your vehicle. It is also possible to search on other vehicles such as a used car you are looking to buy.

Our free service checks data held by the DVLA, an executive agency of the Department of Transport, under the Open Government License.

The service allows you to find out:

  • When the current MOT certificate expires.
  • When the road tax is due

To carry out an MOT check you will need the following information to hand:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Make of the vehicle

Begin your MOT Status Check

When you are ready, click the start button below to begin your free MOT expiry check.

MOT Status Check Start Button

MOT History Check

It is also now possible to run a free on-line check on the MOT history of a vehicle. Only previous tests going back to 2005 are available as that was when the MOT system was computerised.

Using this service enables you to check:

  • Dates of previous tests.
  • Mileage recorded at the time of testing.
  • Which items failed the MOT test.

You can then verify the information provided by the service against any paper certificates you hold to verify they are genuine.

To carry out a MOT history check on-line you will need the following information to hand:

  • Vehicle registration number (as found on the V5C registration document).
  • Make of the vehicle

Begin your MOT History Check

When you have this information to hand, click the Start button below to begin your free MOT history check.

MOT History Check Start