iPhone App Released

We’re proud to announce the release of the “When Is My MOT Due?” App for iPhone and iPad.

It’s free and available for download now on the App Store.app screenshot 1

We developed the App to help our website visitors keep track of their vehicle’s important dates.

It’ll find your MOT & Tax expiry dates at the touch of a button and you can store your vehicles for future reference.

To make sure you don’t miss any important dates, we’ll send you push notifications at 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before expiry. You can also add your insurance renewal date, and we’ll remind you about that too.

Once you’ve renewed your Tax or MOT, it’s easy to update the app. Just hit Refresh Dates and the app will get your new dates from the DVLA.

You can add a photo of your car and turn reminders off and on as needed. We’ll be adding features regularly to keep it up to date. Let us know about any features you’d like to see using the Feedback link in the menu.

We hope you find our free App useful and we encourage you to download it now by clicking on the link below. Thank you!

Download our App

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