MOT Changes – Feb 2014

The government has introduced changes to the MOT test as from February 2014. Diesel particulate filters (commonly fitted to newer diesel cars and lorries) are to be checked for the first time.

The vehicles will be inspected to confirm the presence of a DPF. If no DPF is found but the vehicle did have one fitted when first manufactured this will result in an automatic MOT failure.

The filters work by trapping harmful emissions from diesel exhausts and have been in use for more than 20 years. They are commonly used by manufacturers to meet European standards and help improve air quality.

It is known that some firms will offer to remove the filters, claiming it will improve fuel economy. This is however illegal and it is an offence to drive a vehicle that has been modified in this way.

Commenting on the MOT changes, Roads Minister Robert Goodwill said:

I am very concerned that vehicles are being modified in a way that is clearly detrimental to people’s health and undoes the hard work car manufacturers have taken to improve emissions standards. It has become apparent the government had to intervene to clarify the position on particulate filter removal given the unacceptable negative impact on air quality.

This change to the MOT tests makes it clear – if you have this filter removed from your car it will fail the test.


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